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Designer from France,
3 Years of Professional Experience across France, Philippines, India and China in architecture offices 

+ Bachelor degree in interior design (France)
+ Master's degree in design transcultural design (India)
+ 1 "Label Observeur du design 2018" prize

+ 21 publications
+ Working experience in, retail, hospitality, housing, museum, energy rationalization, urban design



I am Marie

I spent the last five years living and traveling across different places  such as Europe, India, China, Philippines, Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia etc.
I always have wanted, to see how people live elsewhere, to discover other behaviors, to learn in different and challenging context. Meanwhile, exploring, I also developed a deep passion for design and architecture, which is a way for me to express my creativity to serve important matters, always questioning myself, how to enhance well-being and having a positive impact on the person's environment. The idea of being able to drive social, cultural, sustainable, and fundamental issues thanks to my design skills is something that makes me deeply happy in my daily life.